Rico, Antton & Michael at the film set of Love Masters. Photo by Gerry Visco.
Rico Noguchi is gearing up for a demonstration of A Tantric Shamanic Session at the Black Party Expo in two weeks. He is teaming up with already cult queer filmmaker and actor himself, Todd Verow who will be the shaman’s “tantric slave.”
Check them out on Fri. 22nd, sometime T.B.A. between 7PM to 9PM, Roseland Ballroom, NYC. And if you’re near Hell’s Kitchen, why not check out their private “PRE-BPX Party” on Thu. 21st, 8PM. If you’re interested RSVP to the address in the flyer.
Dresscode: BLACK & RED.

Rico Noguchi just added a few facts about a tantric massage session. Go to http://tantricmaster.tumblr.com/ if you’re curious! 

Hi All, 

The ASOBI NY team is well recovered from our post-traumatic censorship extravaganza and we’re working to shape up what will be, in its due time, the Love Masters comeback. We have tons of plans ahead but we’ve decided to unveil the first steps we’re taking. 

First off, one of the lessons we learned during our performances was the need to educate people on tantra. Given that the gay community was the most receptive to the show, Rico Noguchi decided to create a blog on tantra for men who like men. It’s titled The Tantric Master Blog and you can find it here http://tantricmaster.tumblr.com/ Please feel free to join in the discussion by posting comments or questions related to tantra or tantric massages there.

And then there’s music. 

Rico has continued to collaborate with Tyler Stone and as a result, BURNING was born. This is the first demo for what we envision will be an original soundtrack for the new Love Masters. You can download it for free here: http://soundcloud.com/riconoguchi/burning

A music video of BURNING is on the making and will soon be right here!


It is with deep sadness that we inform that the executive producer of the Theater for the New City, Crystal Fields, has asked us to “cease and desist the touching of genitals on stage as well as having any kind of real orgasm during (the) show." This after out Thursday night show when Michael Russnak ejaculated without having an erection, to the surprise of everybody including himself while Rico Noguchi as the tantric master, was massaging his penis. 

Given that a tantric massage is about using sexual energy to relax, the fact of not being able to touch an actor’s sexual organs on stage makes the massage pointless. The point of a tantric massage is NOT ejaculation. What happened on Thursday night was totally unexpected. 

What is most surprising is the fact that Ms. Fields has not seen the show herself. Her judgement to censor the show follows comments from “a couple of people who have complained about the massage” as she told us over the phone. She declares in her long email that our show “… is not art, (it) is something else, and I cannot have it here.

We apologize to everybody for the abrupt cancellation of the show. We were excited about this beautiful experiment and the possibilities we saw in it. Unfortunately, some people in New York City are too afraid to see beyond skin surface. We are gauging what measures to take next and we will keep you informed on the future of Love Masters.

The Theater for the New City has agreed to refund all tickets purchased in advanced.

All our love


We want to thank you for coming to the Opening Night of LOVE MASTERS with Rico Noguchi as the Tantric Master and Antton Harri as the Tantric Slave. Thrilled we had a full house and lots of wonderful comments after the show. We are excited!

Our next shows this week are Wed. 17th @ 9PM with Gerry Visco, and Thu. 18th @ 9PM with Michael Russnak. Rico Noguchi is the Tantric Master on all shows.

Tickets are still available at http://www.smarttix.com/show.aspx?showcode=LOV88

See you then!